By Anna Marie Bangs


A journey through Life, with The Spider in My Sink, The Mortality of Fame,  These Hallowed Grounds, Wing Ding the Thing King and other thoughtful adventures.


A journey through Love, with A Cycle of Love, The Armadillo's Pillow, That Perfect Mate, The Quest and more ways to experience love.


A journey through Childhood, with The Forever Child, Chore Wars, The Wiz That Wasn't, When Rainbows Cry and other childhood travels.



By Anna Marie Bangs

     Under a majestic, moonlit sky sat an old warrior. Quietly staring into the heavens, he counted the stars and listened to the songs of crickets carried on the gentle night breeze as it whispered secrets of life. Suddenly, a star in the center of the sky began to sparkle with increasing energy and grew into a blinding ball of light suspended directly in front of the warrior. He shielded his face with his forearm as he turned his head away from the glare. From somewhere inside the intense light, a deep, comforting voice spoke to the warrior.
     “Because you are strong and live by your heart, you have been chosen to complete a dangerous and vital quest. It is the most important task you will ever fulfill. Do you wish to do this?” the light questioned the warrior.
     “What is it that you want me to do?” he asked bravely.
     “I cannot tell you until you have decided that you have the will to do it,” replied the voice.
     “How can I know I have the will if I do not know what you ask of me?” catechized the warrior.
     The glowing light gave a quiet, yet firm answer, “It is simple. Either you have the will, or you do not.”
     Meeting the challenge, the man stated honestly, “I am the most bold warrior in our village and I have braved many difficult things. I have the will to be strong, this I know.”
     “Then you will do it?” the voice of the star asked once more.
     “Yes, I will do what you ask,” he said as he stood to face the luminescent being.
     “There is a bird,” the voice began. “It is the Great Thunderbird of the sky. You must bring me a feather from its tail by the . . . .

. . . . story continues in The Spider In My Sink


(c) 1999-2003 Anna Marie Bangs
All Rights Reserved