Photos from Before Birth

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Before Birth

BabyInWomb2.gif (29171 bytes) Here's a picture taken in the womb using ultrasound.
It was taken very early (11.5 weeks), so we never did find
out whether the baby would be a boy or a girl, until it
born.  If it was a boy, we would have named him
Devon Clay Bangs.
Esther and Leigh Leigh Before the Birth, holding our cat Esther.
Her tummy bulges with a baby already over 8 pounds!
David's Great Aunt Kay

The name "Kayleigh" comes from "Kay" + "Leigh"
Kay Iddins is David's favorite great aunt.
Born in 1907, she recently celebrated her 90th birthday.

Kay also lends her name to Jeryl Kay Bangs
(David's  sister) and Katie Struble (David's niece).
Kayleigh's middle name (Lauren) is a combination of
David and his father's middle name (Loren),
and David's mother's name (Laurel).


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