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At Home

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Grandma Charlotte holds Kayleigh
Family and Friends Visit
Kayleigh is blessed with lots of relatives who live nearbye.
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John, Teresa, Leah, and Britton Bangs see the babyTeresa and Leah Bangs hold KayleighTeresa and Natalie Bangs look at cute little thingGrampy and Grammy (Vern and Laurel) hold Kayleigh
Tiffany Bangs models her gift -- Little Nutbrown Hair doll and book"Nanna Anna" Bangs brings dinner with TiffanyDave Livingston helps with laundryLisa and Rich Hanson (David's cousins) come with their one-year-old Emily.
Rance (Leigh's father) demonstrates gourmet breakfast creationDavid eats with only left hand - in sympathy to nursing mom.Rance gazing upon the wonderful thing.David, Leigh, and Baby


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