Kayleigh Lauren Bangs Is Born

messages received as of 5:00pm June 11th:

Hello little Angel,

Welcome to the most wonderful family you could have chosen to join!! Your life will be filled with love and joy and lots of people who love you very much. Your mommy and daddy are so please that you came into their life and your big sister Kayleigh is so thrilled that you will be her new little sister. Big hugs and kisses, Love, Nana Anna

Congratulations to the whole Bangs family!!!!!! We are so happy to hear Laurel arrived safely and everyone is doing fine. We look forward to seeing Laurel riding on a new trolley hopefully soon. Fondly - The Dennis Family
Congratulations to Mom, Dad, and the entire family!!! - Mary Scott
Congratulations!!!  What a neat website you created!  Susie Carney
Congratulations!! Doug and I are very happy all went well and hopefully Laurel will be a play mate for Jamie. Take care, Love Julie and Doug McDaniel
David, what a precious gift. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing yourself so generously with us. God bless you and yours. Anne Hall
Hello from Georgia and the Klines. I'm at work and just checked my email and had a wonderful time watching your amazing slide show. Ya'll really have a beautiful family and since Bill and I have two daughters, we feel that you now have the perfect family. Congratulations!!! And your are so lucky to have so much family around you. Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us. Best wishes to all of you, Laurel, Kayleigh, David and Leigh. You have many years of wonderful times ahead of you. Leigh, hope you are doing wonderfully. Bill is out of town, but will view the album when he returns. Again, best wishes to all of you from your Georgia part of the family.
Christy Kline
I am so happy to hear the news. Laurel is beautiful. You guys really have talent in the creation department. All the best to you all.
Jim Mallahan
Congratulations David and Leigh! We are both very happy for you. Andrew and Lisa Miller
CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to Laurel. Enjoy your time with the family and we will see you when you emerge from your familial cocoon. - Erica Maniez
Dear Leigh and David,
Congratulations! She is just beautiful!!
Linda Ruehle

Dearest Laurel,
You are a beautiful little "angel" -- have a wonderful life!
Linda Ruehle
David - Thanks for the news of Laurel's (nice name) arrival and happy
that everyone is doing fine. We'll miss you tonite, Wed., but good to
hear that you have your priorities straight. Best wishes to you and the
family. Stan Espeseth
Welcome, Laurel! What a beautiful little girl you are! And congratulations to mom & dad & Kayleigh! Blessings to all of you!
Mie Yanase
Welcome to the world, Laurel.
May you find laughter, love and happiness.
Jean Cerar
Greetings Laurel. Your sister Kayleigh has been waiting for you! How come you didn't get to the Northwest Folk Life festival? It had lots of cool things for kids to do.
(arl Page
Congrats to your family!!! Way to go..Best of luck to you and your family and may the "sleep fairy" descent on your home very soon.
Cynthia Murphy
Hi Laurel.
Welcome to Issaquah. We are all so pleased that you entered this world to join such a wonderful family. I'm sure that Mom Leigh, Dad David and especially Sister Kayleigh are very proud of you and think you are the most beautiful baby they have ever seen!

I'd love to see you in person as soon as you are accustomed to your new home and are ready for visitors.
Love to you all,
Barb Justice
David and Leigh
Congratulations on the new baby girl.
Denny Croston and Penny Downey
Aloha Laurel !
We hope to meet you when we visit Seattle in the Fall ! You are a lucky little girl to have such a nice Mommy and Daddy and big sister.
- Laura, Marty, and Alex Black
Dear Laurel,
You are a beautiful baby, born into a wonderful family who love you very much. I wish I were there to hold you just as the other family members are doing. What a treasure of  photographs you are starting out with! I hope it won't be too long before I see you, your sister and your parents.

Lots of love. Katharine Osborne, your great, great aunt.

Welcome Little Angel!! Uncle Ben and I are so excited that you have arrived!! Much love to you, Mom, Dad, and Big Sister :)
xoxoxo Auntie Tiff
Congratulations, Laurel. WELCOME TO EARTH. We are a strange race and you will never get used to us, but David and Leigh will, I'm sure, do everything they can to make you a little less uncomfortable. Go for it!
Shepherd Siegel
David & Leigh
Congratulations!  What has Kayleigh though about having a new sister?
Eric & Marla Erickson
Congratulations and Welcome Laurel!
Todd and Nan Sargeant
Congratulations, David! The photos look great. I'm sure you will have your hands full for a while. See you soon!
-Chloe Gale
Congratulations, she's a doll!
Marilyn Batura
Hello Laurel,

Welcome to the family!!! Thank you for being so photogenic. We enjoyed your picture album. Tell Kayleigh and your mom and dad "Hello" for us. And tell your mom, "Good job!!" We look forward to seeing you in person. Hope that day comes soon.

Love, Your Cousins Jeanne and Bert from Florida
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Hope every is well and happy. Deb Dollard
That's marvelous news! We're glad to hear that both Leigh and Laurel are
doing well.

The pictures are wonderful. Laurel looks like a very healthy little girl.

Everyone at the Municipal League office (both of us) send our best wishes
for mother and baby, dad and big sister.

Warmest Regards,
Tom Page and Jennie Keith
Congratulations David and Leigh...
And welcome to the adventure of a lifetime!
Rita Brogan
Baby Laurel--You are adorable, and I'm sure your sister and your folks are ecstatic!! Congratulations to all involved (including, I guess, the cousins who were lucky enough to get to hold you).

Best wishes--Lucy Steers
Congratulations Leigh and David!

The Albro's.
Congratulations to a Very Proud Dad!
Best of luck to your family.

Lonnie Lusardo
David and Leigh, Congratulations!!!! June second is a great date as that
is the day 24 years ago that Beth and I were married at the tender age of 20
years old and still going strong!!!

Kim Webley
David & Family!

I am so happy for you!!!!!! Glad the "natural" child birth is over and the real joy begins (my second child was too fast too...... and continues to be fast fast fast!!!!!) New babies are a joy for all to celebrate -- I hope you get some sleep so you can remember how wonderful & blessed these days are. Thanks for including me in your notice!!!!

Trish (Issaquah Planning Department)
Congratulations to one and all
Ken & Verna Sessler
CONGRATULATIONS She is beautiful. We can't wait to meet her .Love Cheryl Paul and Roman Merlino
I tried to send your little angel a note, but of course, my computer says it can't send it and I should check the address or some stupid thing. So I guess I will have to deliver my message in person. -- Pat Bowman
Hello Laurel & David -

Well congratulations! Hope to see you two real soon.

Cheers! - Jim

You are a beautiful little princess.
You even have a big sister to show you all the things you need to know.
Welcome to the World, Issaquah and South Cove.
I will come visit you soon. In the meantime take good care of your mommy and your daddy----they are tired and need to recuperate from lack of sleep.====so don't cry too much. Love you already, Pat Bowman friend and neighbor.
Grammy Laurel sends Baby Laurel a great big welcome to this world, and wants to say how very honored she is to have someone named after her. It's never happened before! Congratulations to you all....you are a wonderful family.

Love, Grammy and Grampy
Yea David & Leigh!! Congratulations!
Janice Bristol
Congratulations Laurel!
I can tell by the way all the guys are looking at you, you are going to be a real heartbreaker for all the boys. Your a real cutie.


Isn't it something how little girls wrap daddy's heart strings around their little fingers and tug on them from the very 1st day.

Thanks for letting us know. We are excited to meet her.

Brad and Connie Wallum
Hello Laurel! Welcome to the world. We are so grateful that you and mom are healthy and happy.

--Jim M. and Mark R.
Congratulations David!!!!
Great to hear Laurel Angela is healthy and everything is going well.
Darrell Swanson
Congratulations David!!!!
Great to hear Laurel Angela is healthy and everything is going well.

So happy to know you finally arrived and you and mom are well. I am looking forward to seeing you soon, when you and mom are up to a visit.

Yvonne Paramore
Congratulations!!! This is wonderful news. May Laurel be healthy and well
Eve Tai
Congratulations David. Super news!

Give our best to Leigh and Kayleigh.

-Mike Mathieu
Your beautiful baby girl has such a lovely name.
My wish for Laurel is for her life to be surrounded with love and filled with Joy!
I send my congratulations, but prefer to see in person!!!! We'll watch for
all "your girls" on one of their walks. Glad all is well and I know you're
all terribly happy. Connie Edwards
congratulations !!!!!! she is a cutie and looks healthy which is the most important. Regards, Bill Kline
Toutes nos félicitations et nos voeux de bonheur à la petite Laurel.
Avec notre bon souvenir Martial et Françoise Chabanel

[Leigh translates: All our congratulations and our wishes of happiness
for little Laurel. With fond memories, Martial and Françoise Chabanel]
Congratulations! It was a surprise to me because somehow I didn't know you were expecting! Congratulations also to Laurel Angela for her choice of parents.  Craig Redecker

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