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When David got his first digital camera in 1996, the first thing he did was play with a photo morph program called Morph Studio.  It required Windows 3.1 with 4MB RAM and a 5MB hard drive! Since it will no longer install, David just picked up a copy of Abrosoft FantaMorph 5.  Here are some "now and then" morphs.

Downloading may take time, so wait for the animations to become smooth.

Morphs Using Abrosoft FantaMorph 5 (2012)

Kayleigh becomes Leigh

Kayleigh becomes Leigh (2008 photos)

David becomes Dogman

David becomes Dogman (2008 photo)

Ammen Jordan becomes Justin Timberlake

Ammen Jordan becomes Justin Timberlake


Morphs Using Morph Studio (1996)

Leah and Britton go sledding

Leah and Britton Bangs go sledding (1996)

Girls Become Birds

Natalie, Katie and Leah become birds (1996)

Freddy becomes Santa

Freddy Bangs becomes Santa (1996)

The House of the Lord

The John Bangs house becomes The House of the Lord (1996)